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Product Development Workflow


design and development serivces

Start up a project

The information we need from you

To start a project, we need some information about the project:

  1. Products - Product information, such as size, weight, or physical products and quantities per display units.
  2. Style - In general, it will be a draft, style name, text descriptions or a picture of your interested style.
  3. Requirements - Order quantities, Guide book, Planogram, Store name or Country, etc.

What you get from us

We will provide you one/several solution/s presented as:

  1. Conceptual drawing - A roughly drawing to present some ideas for the project;
  2. Technical drawing - A detail drawing with dimensions;
  3. Planogram - The placement of products on a display unit;




        Option 1: Make a white sample, and ship to customer for approval.

        Option 2: Make a prototype and take photos for customer’s approval.

Sample Type


Lead Time


White Sample

PDQ/Counter Top, USD 65 / PC

5-7 working days



Sidekick, FSDU, USD 100 / PC

 5-7 working days



Pallet Display USD 175 / PC

 5-7 working days


Color Sample

White Sample Cost + Printing Charge(Calculated by printed area.)

7-10 working days



 Testing (If necessary)

  • Loading Test: Loading all the products on a display stand / unit for at least 48 hours, or customer requested time. 
  • Drop Test: Using a test machine to drop every side of packaging from 1-1.2 meters height. 
  • Shock Box Test: Use a test machine to simulate the shock of a display stand/unit with full product  loading during the shipping process. 

(* We will evaluate the test result and decide if it needs to be modified. It is free of charge.)

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