Increase Sales by Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

Island Display Stand

Quaker using display for promotion


POP display stand is one of the effective promotions to increase product sales by more than 20%. A well-known market expansion services provider, DKSH, which has 153 year history, has demonstrated how to use POP display stands to boost the sales of its client Quaker: a gigantic Quaker paper stand was used as a temporary sales counter and placed at a prominent place in super market, which made it stand out from other products in the store. The usage of paper stands leaves not only a lasting impression on consumers, but also motivates impulse buying, which directly increase the product sales.

Images printed on the top card and body of the Quaker gigantic display stand has successfully created a healthy and positive image of the brand and strengthened consumers’ impressions on its products.

Besides increasing the sales, the display stand can provide a direct and effective platform for the brand to promote its products and establish the brand values by osmosis. These are the important reasons that DKSH likes using display stand to promote its goods.

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